Civic Architecture and Institutional Design

In civic and institutional architecture design projects, the community impact is our top consideration.

At Cambridge Seven Associates, we define Civic projects as ones which create an engaging public face for a community, an institution, a municipality, or a not-for-profit organization. We believe there is a ripple effect from these projects which extends far beyond the building itself and out into the community to improve quality of life. Our civic and institutional projects include community centers, multimodal and intermodal transportation systems, subway stations, airport terminals, bridges, and hospitals and healthcare facilities. As a firm, we generate new approaches to these kinds of projects by calling upon many areas of architectural practice, ultimately arriving at creative solutions to meet varied and unique challenges. C7A’s architectural design work in municipal and civic buildings has resulted in tremendous benefits to towns and cities across the United States.

Planning & Architectural Design

  • Community centers
  • Multimodal and intermodal transportation systems
  • Subway stations
  • Airport terminals
  • Bridges
  • Hospitals and healthcare facilities