Exhibit Design

Our exhibit designs for zoos, museums, and nature centers balance education, entertainment, and enrichment.

C7A designs exhibits for clients like science museums, children’s museums, history museums, natural history museums, nature centers, sports museums, cultural institutions, aquariums, zoos, and visitor centers, on behalf of non-profit, private, and governmental groups. Our specialization in exhibit design and architectural planning/design enhances the value of both, allowing us to effectively create environments that excite, educate, and entertain. And, we are particularly interested in projects that engage visitors in new and unique ways. Our firm brings a wealth of experience in museum planning and exhibit, interpretive, graphic, and multi-media design. Because of our capability to design both the architecture and exhibits, we have the innate ability to integrate exhibits with architecture in unique and exciting ways. We are attracted to projects that promote discovery and create a sense of place while providing visitors with a memorable experience.

Planning & Exhibit Design

  • Science museums
  • Children’s museums
  • History museums and cultural centers
  • Natural history museums
  • Sports museums and halls of fame
  • Aquariums and zoos
  • Visitor centers and nature centers
  • Non-profit, private, and governmental groups