College of Engineering & Petroleum

Sabah Al-Salem University - Shadadiyah, Kuwait

Unifying the college’s engineering and allied technical disciplines, this new 2.3 million sf academic complex is organized by a long central spine inspired by MIT’s Infinite Corridor.


The Project

When Kuwait University celebrated its 50thanniversary, instead of focusing on past accomplishments it looked to the future and announced a new ambitious expansion, Sabah Al-Salem University. One of the main colleges on the new campus, the College of Engineering and Petroleum brings the University’s engineering and allied technical disciplines together in one massive facility.

The Approach

Given the scale and complexity of the program, we organized the plan along a continuous spine, then folded the path back onto itself, in essence as a series of compressed S-curves. This unusual plan creates shaded courtyards that allow students to work in outdoor labs, protected from the desert heat.

The Result

The College’s six academic departments are now together in a dynamic new facility that emphasizes smart-technology classrooms, labs and lecture halls. Originally programmed and designed to accommodate separate male and female populations, that directive was eliminated midway through construction.  Because of our flexible design, we were able to repurpose redundant space and position it instead for projected growth.

Total Area






LEED certification


The students were impressed by the new university campus facilities and that they hoped they will get the opportunity to move to study and graduate from SSUC.

Dr. Khawla Al-Shaiji, Professor Chemical Engineering, Kuwait University

We are eager to move to study at these magnificent buildings to continue KU message through providing the internationally best advanced curriculums and improving the education level.

Dr. Iman Al-Otaibi, Professor, Engineering, Kuwait University

Team Leaders

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