School Architecture and Campus Master Planning

Our school, college, and university architecture and design practice reflects a diverse range of academic facilities and campus master planning efforts.

C7A’s academic portfolio deftly combines cutting edge, high performance architecture with practical, well-constructed solutions for universities, colleges, and schools. Our seasoned team brings a depth of experience in academic planning and design including classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, libraries, learning resource centers, student centers, campus centers, faculty offices, dining halls, athletic and fitness centers, food service facilities, administrative offices, energy-generating facilities, and spaces for art, music, and dance. Along with the design and construction of flexible, accessible, sustainable academic buildings – both new construction and adaptive reuse – C7A also has extensive experience with campus planning and programming. From venerated historic structures to new construction, we consider every academic building to be a complex design challenge, and we are dedicated to working closely with faculty, administration, students and staff to balance the needs of the diverse groups that coexist on a campus.

Academic Planning & Design

  • Classrooms and lecture halls
  • Laboratories
  • Libraries and learning resource centers
  • Student centers and campus centers
  • Faculty and administrative offices
  • Dining halls and food service facilities
  • Athletic and fitness centers
  • Energy-generating facilities
  • Spaces for art, music, and dance