Franklin Park Children’s Zoo

Architectural design for Boston children's zoo expansion

Cambridge Seven Associates provided architectural design for the expansion of the Franklin Park Zoo's children's zoo. Known as “Nature’s Neighborhoods,” the expanded George Robert White Fund Children’s Zoo combines live animal exhibits with emulative and parallel play activities, whole body “safe risk” adventure, and imaginative play experiences. Loosely organized into biome-based live animal exhibit and experience zones, Nature’s Neighborhoods explores ecosystem integration and biodiversity by highlighting parallels between human societies and activities with those of the natural world, forging powerful connections between children and the animals they encounter and observe. Working with Zoo New England specialists, C7A led the overall planning effort and concept direction, with landscape and habitat development by Coyle & Caron and exhibit design by Main Street Design.

Franklin Park Zoo opens Nature’s Neighborhoods

On September 1, 2016 officials cut the ribbon on Nature’s Neighborhoods, the expanded George Robert White Fund Children’s Zoo planned and designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, Coyle & Caron, and Main Street Design for the Franklin Park Zoo. Together with …