Ministry of Education HQ

Architectural design for new office building in Kuwait

The Ministry of Education Headquarters Building in Kuwait will be a unique, state-of-the-art office facility for the Ministry and eight MOE Sectors with their departments. It will house administrative offices, a 600-seat auditorium, conference rooms, a central library, food service facilities, lounges, prayer rooms, exhibition space, and generous function space. The design inspiration comes from the rich maritime history of Kuwait shipbuilders. Two curved office buildings overlap to form an interior atrium, reminiscent of dhows passing each other at sea. The building's northeast face will be smooth and shimmering, while the southwest facade has a protective screen. The enclosed atrium will contain water features and lush plants to provide space for reflection and inspiration. The MOE Headquarters project is currently in construction.

A Visit to the Ministry Of Education Headquarters

Gulf Consult Press

Architect Jay Stoughtenger reports from the Gulf Consult office about a recent visit by the Minister of Public Works and the Assistant Undersecretary Ministry of Public Works to the Ministry of Education Headquarters construction site in Kuwait. The Ministry of …