MIT Aero/Astro Laboratory

Architectural design for the expansion and renovation of historic aeronautical laboratory building

The historic Guggenheim Aeronautical Laboratory Building on the MIT campus was renovated and expanded by Cambridge Seven Associates to create flexible, open space that allows students and faculty to work in modern team environments. The Learning Laboratory for Complex Systems for the MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics was designed to align with a new curriculum focused on the full range of engineering skills in conception, design, implementation and operation (CDIO) of complex systems. Applying the "CDIO" approach, C7A designed the building to be zoned functionally, with upper floor conceptual work, design on the second and third floors, implementation in the main floor labs, and operations testing on the lower floor labs, and in a new expansion known as the Hangar.

Contract Magazine’s Interiors Award: MIT Aero/Astro Lab

Contract Magazine

Contract Magazine‘s 23rd Annual Interiors Awards (Jan 2002) featured the Learning Laboratories at MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc. “This project was driven by a strong programmatic concept,” reflects Edward Crawley, Ph.D., department head, …