MODS EcoDiscovery Center Exhibits

Master planning, architectural, and exhibit design for science museum addition

C7A developed an exhibit master plan and schematic design for the new EcoDiscovery Center (LEED Silver) at the Museum of Discovery and Science as part of their expansion and renovation. The EcoDiscovery Center features four new exhibit galleries, an indoor otter exhibit with dramatic views to an outdoor habitat, traveling exhibit space, support areas for exhibits, four student labs, and a planned outdoor science park. After completing the exhibit schematic design for the entire EcoDiscovery Center, C7A finished documentation and installation for three of the galleries. The “Everglades Airboat Adventure” is a 20-seat motion platform airboat theater experience complete with wind, water sprays and panoramic views. Its entrance also features several graphics explaining the history of the Florida Everglades. In “Otters at Play” visitors can watch live river otters frolic in an indoor and outdoor habitat. In the renovated Aviation Gallery, C7A also designed the Keller Science Theater, which is themed as an airplane hangar and provides space for museum demonstrations.